Small Business Spotlight- Garsen Golf

Small Business Spotlight- Garsen Golf


“Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you.” -Arnold Palmer

Years of effort, innovation and dedication are the reasons the Bernard Garsen is a prime example that if you love what you do and believe in your dream, sky is the limit. Your small business can become big news, from one day to the next.

Mr. Garsen has been into golf since the age of 10 and always wanted a career in in the field. In the 1990, he took Europe by storm as fashion model for prominent brands such as Versace and graced the covers of the GQ magazine, billboards and was regularly cast for commercials.

For more than a decade now, Mr. Garsen has been working in the golf industry as a manager in outside services as well as golf pro. As many of you may know, the game of golf is intense and highly traditional, needless to say, no major innovations have hit the market in quite some time. What Mr.Garsen observed were issues many golf players had with putting and this is when everything changed and the quest for creating a perfect putter grip began. After much research, prototype testing, with assistance of professional golfers, the vision that was Garsen Pro Edge became reality. Most recently, a professional golfer won a championship using a Garsen grip, after which Golf Digest did an article on Mr. Garsen and stating the following:

“After Henrik Stenson’s win at the Open Championship using Garsen’s triangular-shaped putter grip design, the former Spanish billboard fashion icon might have himself a successful career in golf after all.

Garsen’s putter grips, which feature an angled rather than the traditionally flat front section, have been on tour for the past three years with wins in the hands of J.B. Holmes and Tony Finau. But Stenson’s win at Royal Troon will be a game-changer for the model turned assistant pro turned golf grip designer and entrepreneur. The grip is designed so the thumbs naturally oppose each other and the wrists are angled in a way that discourages unwanted and unreliable bending and hinging.”

It has been our absolute pleasure to have been afforded the opportunity to work with Mr. Garsen’s company for the past few years and as the news of “The Big Win” was wonderful, it also came with a dose of inspiration. Innovation, combined with the constant desire to improve is what sets the winners apart. We wanted to share this story with you as it proves that entrepreneurs everywhere are changing the world; from the way we do everyday things to the way win championships.

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