Dress for Success

Dress for Success

Isaura Lindao

In business, it is very seldom to get a second chance for a good first impression. What is on the inside is of the great importance, but the houses are appraised based on the curb appeal. The passion and exuberance one has for their career, can be showcased in personal style and how they present themselves overall. The value placed on visuals, whether it be product packaging or style of an individual, has become a focal point of our time. Dressing well and investing in the exterior can aid in an increase of your income but it has been proven, time and time again, when you are well dressed, both confidence and productivity rise. Its simple, you look good, you feel good!

Is your style business casual, are you an accessory maven or the latest trends consumer? The days of the boxy lady suits are finally behind us and a modern business woman has more options than ever when it comes to business wear. We are mixing and matching, wearing brighter colors and we couldn’t be happier! For men, the traditional suit has evolved as well, add into the mix the playful ties and socks, and you have yourself a modern business man. On both sides, young business professionals are placing more emphasis on style, details and appearance overall and its working to their benefit. Lets be honest, people who are well put together get the job, have a better presence in a business meeting and are noticed far more than an individual who does not value the time and effort it takes to “package” yourself in the best way possible.
On the flip side, putting an outfit together for an interview, business diner or being able to create a stunning office wear line up, does not come naturally to everyone. Can a cocktail dress pass as an office dress? How do I get better clothing for my body type? What is my style? All these are questions asked by millions of people every day and the answer is not as simple. How about hiring a personal stylist?

Dee Taylor, the creator of Style Uncuffed was born in Orlando, FL. She was always into fashion even at a young age, her grandmother taught her how to put materials and colors together. She kept her grandmothers maiden name alive by naming her fashion blog after her, Cuff, but adding a little twist Style Uncuffed! Her inspiration comes from the 1920 century with a couple of people you might know Josephine Baker, Dorthy Dandridge, Debbie Allen, Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross and Diane Von Furstenberg. If you ever need a great shopper give go get Uncuffed by Dee at Style Uncuffed!

When it comes to business, any business, the competition is fierce and cut throat, now more than ever. Whether you are looking to further the carrier you are already in, or get the foot in the door of a new one, don’t miss a chance to showcase the best version of yourself. Attention to detail, effort and diligence are the key to success. Focus on yourself, as you are the best investment.

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