Founded in 2014, Isaura Lindao – CEO of Isa’s Bookkeeping Services, set out to establish a bookkeeping business that would allow her to work to with small businesses in South Florida, with the primary goal of saving clients both time and money and allowing them to focus on growing their business. Bookkeeping is the lifeline of a business. Any planning for the future involves clear and accurate financials. We work with a vast number of accounting professionals, guiding our client’s through the current financials, past tax filings and using all the tools available to plan for a prosperous future.

Miami has been good to us and allowed us to work with a huge variety of clients and helped us understand the needs of different businesses. We tailor our client package to each individual client and it has been the secret to our success. Getting to know the client and their business is the key to having a successful relationship and being able to provide services that will produce results.

Our dream of going global came true in 2016 and nothing has been the same since. We are extremely fortunate for our existing clients, which has afforded us the opportunity to expand and start building a client base all over Europe and South America. Did we just toot our own horn? Maybe, but you should check us out and make sure we are not all talk.

At Isa’s Bookkeeping, we come to work every day because we like being on your team. We make it our priority to make sure that you know where your finances stand today, what was the past month all about, but most importantly, how does the future look?

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Founded in 2014, Isa Lindao - CEO of Isa's Bookkeeping Services set out to establish a bookkeeping business that would allow her clients to save time and money.

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