Many business owners struggle with the decision of hiring a bookkeeper. If you ask yourself the following questions monthly, you NEED a bookkeeper:

  • Who owes me?
  • Who do I owe?
  • Did I make profit this month?
  • When was that financial statement due?
  • Did I meet my filing deadlines?
  • How do I prepare and process payroll?
  • What about taxes (sales, property, income)? Is that due once a year?
  • Am I keeping up with corporate record compliance?

Having a bookkeeper is commonly associated with the loss of control of your finances. Having a certified bookkeeper results in a more profitable, more comparative and more informed business decisions, with the client in the driver’s seat the entire time. In Isa’s words: “We are only as good as our communication and relationship with the client.” We need the client input as much as the client needs our expertise.


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Founded in 2014, Isa Lindao - CEO of Isa's Bookkeeping Services set out to establish a bookkeeping business that would allow her clients to save time and money.

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